More than a Center

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In EsPla we work through different health and development specialties. We ultimately use a new multidisciplinary work concept whose target is to give response to health problems hitherto neglected,  such as those related to mental health in people with disabilities or with chronic illness.

After years of experience, we do understand that the therapeutic effectiveness is directly related to the scientific basis so that the treatments that we carry out allow us to obtain the desired results.

We are open to everyone. Besides individual therapies we offer workshops and group activities that embrace different topics that are addressed to all sectors of the population: from childhood to adulthood.

There are a wide range of services that we also offer to different entities and associations that actively collaborate with our center.

In EsPla center we offer an integral service that includes 5 areas:

Children · adults · health and welfare · legal · sports

Why is EsPla center different?

There are many reasons that make EsPla a different center, and one of them is the fact that the professionals who work in it are different themselves.We are an interdisciplinary team, everyone of us is specialized in an specific area, that is the only way to offer an integral service that gives response to the different needs of every patient. The specialization of every member of our team makes it possible to carry out the five areas of service we offer.

Interdisciplinar team


Integral service

Scientifically based treatments

We intervene in areas, until now neglected

Our services